Why Our Products?


- Plant Based -

We believe that what you put into your body can shape how you feel and live.  All of our ingredients are plant based and unrefined - so clean it makes you glow from the inside out. Rest assured knowing our snacks are made with the highest quality, plant power ingredients in all the land.              


- Organic -

Organic food and farming is better for the planet and our bodies.  Synthetic pesticides can be harmful to farm workers, wildlife, and stay in the soil for ages. We source our ingredients from farms that promote organic practices, keep workers safe and the soil healthy for generations to come.


- Superfoods -

Being a little different makes all the difference. We believe that snack foods can be delicious and healthy. Superfoods + plant based products to make you feel like your best self.


- Unrefined Sweeteners -

We get it. Sometimes you just want something sweet. We only use unrefined sweeteners like organic coconut sugar and organic maple sugar to lightly sweeten our products. With a lower glycemic kick than refined sugar, you can fulfill those sweet cravings without the sugar high.